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LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Errors of Refraction. A laser is a machine that produces highly concentrated light rays. It is useful for a wide variety of procedures and is slowly replacing the conventional scalpel as a tool for surgery.

There are different kinds of medical lasers for sale, depending on the material used to emit the light such as gas lasers, chemical lasers, and semiconductor lasers.Of all these only three laser types are important in medicine: Carbon dioxide laser, Ytterbium YAG laser, and the Argon laser.

Laser surgery has been successfully used in the following operations.

  • Cosmetic and Dermatology surgeries
  • Treatment of benign and malignant tumors in early stage cancers.
  • Eye surgeries to treat vessel and corneal defects reducing the need for glasses and contact lenses.
  • Dental and general surgery procedures such as teeth whitening and removal.

Advantages of laser surgery

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The concentrated light beam is very precise and therefore prevents damage to surrounding tissue. This is very efficient in high-risk procedures such as the eye cornea. Surgeries that have been in the past associated with damage to important vessels or even heart tissue are now corrected safely with laser surgery.

As the light beam is guided, it closes up the blood vessels in its path hence preventing their damage. This has greatly reduced the risk of excessive bleeding associated with old day surgeries. This advantage also means that the surgical working area is dry and hence a surgeon can do a clean job. In cancer patients, it closes up the lymph vessels reducing the swelling and preventing the spread of malignancies.

There is minimal pain during laser surgery.

This is because the beam of light ties up the nerve endings reducing their stimulation hence less pain. Most of the surgeries are also done without the use of general anesthesia drugs which have their own side effects. All in all recovery time is reduced significantly.

There is reduced a risk of infection.

60hhhSurgical equipment requires constant and keen sterilization. Sometimes microorganisms may be transmitted in the process, and this introduces a chain of infection. However, with laser surgery, there is a minimal invasion and an even less risk of sepsis due to the surgery.

In conclusion, the benefits of laser surgery serve to explain its increasing use over traditional surgical procedures. It has brought a revolution to the world of medicine as its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.