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Increasing Employees’ Productivity through Vision Casting

vision casting

It is not new for an employer to complain about the sub-par performances of his employees. Problems on absenteeism, tardiness, skipping through work, and reduction of output are just a few of the common issues employers have on their workers. While employers can give strict penalties on these offenses through the Human Resource Department, they may notice any improvement at all. Some employers may even raise their wages and salaries, but there seems to be no visible change.

Vision casting can be the solution to this perennial problem of employers. Though this method, workers are once again reminded of the vision of a company. A company’s vision is a statement of your goals as a business entity and the directions it should take. It includes the responsibilities of every employee toward the attainment of those goals.

The problem with employees is that they tend to forget the vision of the company.

teamworkTeam Building

Team building is an activity that is designed to enhance inter-employee relations and define the role of each in the department they belong to. You can plan your activities that they can be informative and entertaining at the same time. Avoid long lectures, they will just get bored and may not listen to every word the resource speaker is talking about. While you cannot do away with a lecture, a short and inspiring one will surely help them get motivated. Instead, you can come up with games that focus on role-playing and promotes cooperation.

Personal Consultation

Every employee is essential to your company. That is the reason why you hired him. An ideal manager should know his employees. But that may not be possible to large companies with many employees that can go to hundreds. Working closely with your Human Resource Department can do the trick. Once in awhile calling on one particular erring employee to your office can help. Tell him inspiring stories, instead of scolding him and end your meeting with a smile and a firm handshake. He will surely go out of your office, a reformed worker.

groupWeekly Inspirational Activities

If your company is an SME, it will not be a problem to have at least 30 minutes of group gathering before starting a new week. You can start a week with a prayer that each of you will be productive for the coming week. You can include a relevant story or a short lecture from a reputable resource speaker. You can also give important statistics from the previous month. When you have a large company, this activity can be done per department. You can end the week with a group prayer thanking them for their invaluable contribution to the attainment of your company’s vision.