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Turn Your Balcony into Relaxation Haven

girl spreading arms in balcony sunset

If you think a balcony is only meant for looking out the scenery surrounding the house, you’re wrong. A balcony can be a place where you can relax, read, and enjoy the outdoors. This is especially beneficial if you don’t have a backyard that you can use as a relaxation area. It is also better to be relaxing from the height of a balcony, which is why sky cafe and lounging terraces are so in right now in the cafe and restaurant industry. Turning your balcony into a relaxation haven is easier than you think. Here are some tips to get you started.

white chairs on balconyLounging Outdoor Chairs

Most comfortable chair for outside use are definitely the ones where you can put your feet up. Think sun lounges like the ones they have by the pool, or garden lounging chairs. You can even get the folded lounging chair which makes it easier for you to store inside in case it rains.

With other types of lounging chairs, make sure you get the cover ups so that they won’t get wet from the rain or snow, or harbor piles of leaves in the autumn. You can also get a couple of comfortable outdoor chairs so that you and a few others can hang out in the balcony.

Add Shade

In the summer, the balcony is going to feel like a large oven. The sun will shine right through your eyes, making it impossible to read or even open your eyes. It wouldn’t be too comfortable sitting outside without glasses and a cap on. You can avoid this by getting some shade for your chair. You can get the huge umbrellas made for lounging by the pool, or simply add pull-down curtains if there’s a roof on top of your balcony. They wouldn’t cost too much, but does require you to hire a professional to install them. With an umbrella, you can just fold it and store it.

lady in balcony loungingGreens for Feng Shui

To add a little colour and fresh oxygen in your balcony, you need some feng shui. Add various potted plants, not too much, just so that your balcony has some life to it. Make sure the plants aren’t high maintenance because you don’t want to be worrying about them when you go away on a holiday. You can also get hanging plants to make your balcony more colourful, however, they can be a little messy as the dirt likes to fall down when the wind rocks the pots.