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Simple Ways to Keep The Office Kitchen Clean


Most organizations have a kitchen where the employees can have their coffee, snacks and other meals. The biggest problem with the office kitchen is hygiene. People with different personal hygiene habits are likely to affect the office kitchen environment. Observing the basic etiquette that will keep the kitchen clean should be a top priority so that users can be respectful and maintain a professional relationship. If you have an office kitchen, you need to learn the best ways to share and clean the kitchen without creating conflict with other employees. The following are some of the simple ways to keep the office kitchen clean.


teamAppoint a Dedicated Team

You might be having a busy schedule that will limit you from observing the basic cleaning duties in the office kitchen. You should hire a dedicated team or an individual to handle the cleaning services sufficiently. Removing the cleaning responsibilities from your colleagues or employees will improve kitchen hygiene, as many employees might ignore the cleaning duties to attend to other office activities. Appointing a different team of employees or a professional cleaning service will ensure that your office kitchen achieves a professional and hygienic environment. You can also get in touch with the appropriate authorities to supply enough and automatic cleaning equipment. This will save time for your employees.

Make a Kitchen Policy

If your office kitchen is suffering from poor hygienic manners, you need to draft an etiquette policy for all the employees. Your kitchen policy should let your employees know they should respect food and the equipment in the kitchen. The kitchen rules and guidelines will help the employees to develop a habit of maintaining a healthy environment in the office. Remind the employees to be responsible for the thrash they spill in the kitchen and the best ways to get rid of it. The policy will help all employees to learn how to keep the kitchen clean regardless of their hygiene habits.

Keep Track of the Stored Food

If you happen to have an office kitchen in your workplace, you need to keep track of all the food items and beverages available. Keeping records at least every week will enable you to know the condition of the food as you get rid of the spoilt ones. Records will also keep you aware of the foodstuffs that are highly perishable and those that can last longer in the fridge or the shelves. You will know the exact amount of food and beverages to order for your employees by using the statistics collected from the kitchen usage.

Install Sticking Boards in the Kitchen

Another way of reminding your employees about the kitchen hygiene is installing the sticking boards for instructions warnings of quotes. The employees will be alert and follow simple notices regarding kitchen hygiene. The board can have quotes from famous cooks. Every office kitchen user can take heed of the quotes and maintain kitchen hygiene as a top priority. Your notices and instructions should address employees professionally rather than commanding so that employees do not take them personally.