Wealthy Affiliate, one of the online marketing sites has been in the marketing industry since 2005 when it was developed by two entrepreneurs, Kyle and Carson. Wealthy affiliate platform was created with the core purpose of helping those interests in online business succeed and be able to learn the basics of Internet marketing. The platform offers online training and mentorship stages in business for hundreds of thousands of people who have a keen interest and aspiring to be successful online entrepreneurs.

How does wealthy affiliate work?AfegrthyjuDC

Joining wealthy affiliate is simple; it requires an entry account which you create free of charge. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, you will be in a position to have your website running for free for seven days from the day of registration. After the first one week, you can decide to upgrade your membership to premium or remain in the starter membership account. A discount of 59 percent in the first month is typically given to the new subscribers who upgrade their membership to premium within the first week.

The difference between premium and starter membership

A starter member will have the same privileges as a premium member for the first seven days of registration. After that, the main difference emerges. A premium member of the wealthy affiliate will access and communicate with other Internet marketers directly and get help from the hundreds of thousands with varied expertise while the starter will only have the privilege for one week.

Wealthy Affiliate rules

adfbgnhfdhdrmJust like any other successful organization, the wealthy affiliate has certain rules in which failure to meet their standards leads to the limitation of certain benefits. The Write Access gives you the opportunity to communicate with other online entrepreneurs, ask questions and seek help.

Being violent, harassing other affiliate members and being suspicious of ulterior motives leads to cut off of the Write Access. The billing rules are also in the terms and conditions that keep you informed before proceeding to accept being a legal and full member of the Wealthy Affiliate society.

Complaints Reported

With many positive reviews, more than fifty thousand feeling proud of the service, you will certainly not miss a few with their bad experience. Denial of the write access is one of the few complaints made. This is so, mainly due to indecency and failure of a member to show the best of his character in the public. Billing issues have raised concern for others who failed to work for the cost they paid for the membership subscription.

With thousands of positive reviews and less than five complaints reported. From Wealthy Affiliate Review, it is clear that this program has positively influenced the lives of many. Success in online marketing has not been that effective before the Wealthy Affiliate crawled into our modern society.